Miraculous Sexual Exercise, Allowing You To Regain Your Masculinity

Miraculous Sexual Exercise. Most men don’t know that the Pubococcygeus (P​​C) muscle plays a very important and vital role in enhancing male sexual response. During orgasm, the rapid contraction of PC muscles allows men to experience those happy “jerk and jerk” moments. Now that men love sports so much, why not put the focus on exercising the muscles of PC. As a result, erection is more difficult, orgasm is stronger, and premature ejaculation disappears completely?

sex exercise as training tool

It can also improve the overall level of prostate health to a certain extent, and can effectively reduce or permanently eliminate those annoying late-night toileting. In order to make it easier to understand, the PC muscles are divided into two parts, “front” and “rear”, and they must be “sexercised” to produce the above-mentioned desired effects.

To find the “front” muscles, imagine us “holding our horse” in the middle of the urine stream. Focus our attention on the “hold” part while making sure to relax the abdominal muscles, as well as the muscles of the buttocks or thighs.

Once we “get” the feeling, we begin to squeeze those muscles and count to four, then relax and count to four.

Initially, the ability to keep squeezing will not last more than one or two seconds, but when is conscientious and doing this “sexercised” on a regular basis. The ability to squeeze to four or even higher will be easily achieved.

Up to five minutes of “sex exercise” twice a day will ensure that you experience better performance during sexual activity.

In order to find the “back” part of the PC muscle, do another squeeze, as if you were trying to avoid passing air. Do this five times, making sure to relax after each squeeze. Make sure you are not tightening your thighs, buttocks, and/or abdominal muscles, but instead focus on tightening your PC muscles.

3 times a day, 30 to 50 times of continuous “exercise” of the back muscles at a fairly rapid rate.

Follow this “exercise” program for at least six weeks to ensure that you can easily contract your PC muscles at any time.

Some men will say that they felt nothing at the beginning of this “sex” system, but over time, almost everyone can firmly grasp this good “squeeze” so that their sexual performance never fails. It will be easy to master. “Tighten your PC muscles” again.

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