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Exercise with Pole dancing classes

Pole Dance Fitness Fun. Ever since supermodel Kate Moss moved on poles in the “White Stripes” music video, pole dance has become the latest fitness craze for women of all ages. Regardless of background or fitness level, women are having fun and are dancing.

Pole dancing is no longer just sexy. Dancing provides cardiovascular benefits, while the barbell provides a challenging muscle workout. From California to the Bible Belt, women appreciate the health and self-esteem that learning to pole dance brings. Women even dance pole dance at home using detachable poles installed in the entertainment room.

According to pole dance coach Angela Edwards, “We have missionary wives, teachers, nurses, accountants, lawyers, and anyone between the ages of 18 and 70. The dance part is where you get the cardiovascular benefits. You will see good results. We have women who come here 40 to 50 pounds overweight, then lose weight in about six to eight months, and they’ll get a nice, beautiful hourglass curve. “

The action on the pole is actually a kind of weight training. Because the dancer must balance and maneuver around the pole. Pole dancing is a learned skill, students must do many stretching exercises before starting to avoid injury.

It is very similar to any other fitness program. Students must warm up, calm down, and exercise caution when learning new movements. Some of the “Pole Skills” students learned in class include:

Fireman Spin:

The dancer balances his weight with the balance of the pole while turning.


Dancers hold the pole with one hand, straddle the legs, arch their backs, and at the same time bend their knees to look at the people behind them.

Walk Around:

The dancer throws his shoulders back, straightens his chest and buttocks, holds the bar in his arms, and walks around the bar with confidence.

Leg Grip:

The dancer grabs the barbell with both hands, jumps onto the barbell, clamps the barbell between the thighs, with one leg bent and the other straightened, twisting around the barbell.

Mats are placed under the poles to ensure the safety of students when practicing new movements.

Pilates-like stretching exercises are usually performed for about half an hour before attempting a pole exercise, so students are flexible and will not be injured.

Complicated pole exercise is a challenge for women to keep in shape while having fun. Another benefit is how confident women are after learning pole dancing. As their new skills and physique improve, women also become more attractive to their partners.

Pole dance health boom, is an effective exercise that can make women feel sexier and healthier.

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