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Herbalife Nutrition


Shop: Core Products. Herbalife offers so many amazing high-quality products and it is important to start with the right foundation. No matter if your aim is to lose weight, gain muscle, or just stay fit and healthy, here are the Herbalife products that you should not miss.

Fibre and Herb

Fibre and Herb tablets contribute to your dietary fibre intake.

Key Benefits

Fibre supplement to help you reach the recommended daily fibre intake of 25g per day
Contains oat fibre together with parsley
Provides 3g fibre per daily recommended serving

Fast Facts

Adults are recommended to consume 25g fibre per day**. However, most people do not meet their daily fibre needs. Research shows 72% of men and 87% of women do not reach the recommendation of 25g fibre per day***. A supplement, along with healthy sources of fibre from foods such as fruit, vegetables and wholegrain foods can help increase your consumption.

**EFSA Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition, and Allergies (NDA).EFSA Journal 2010; 8(3):1462.
***UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS)


2 tablets, three times daily with each meal, together with a large glass of water. Use this product within a balanced and varied diet as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Shop: Fitness

Fitness. Whether it is our industry-leading meal replacement protein shake that comes in dozens of flavours, or our teas, aloes, energy, fitness, and outer nutrition products, we cater to a variety of daily nutritional needs, offering choice to consumers in over 90 countries.

Sport Energy And Fitness

Sport Energy And Fitness. Herbalife® understands that hydrationenergy, and recovery are all important factors for sports and exercise. So whether you are just starting out or you are a professional athlete, the Herbalife® EnergySports & Fitness range has something to offer to fuel your body and your mind.

Personal Care.

 Discover Herbalife SKIN. Our skincare products have no added Parabens, no added Sulphates, and are dermatologically tested.

Our Herbalife Skin and Herbal Aloe products bring you expert nutrition for your skin and hair care. Infused with vitamins and botanicals our range of skincare and haircare products is packed with daily goodness to enrich your skin and nourish your hair.

Herbal Aloe Range.

Reap the soothing benefits of aloe vera in our Herbal Aloe range. A freshly scented naturally inspired range of beauty products that strengthen hair and moisturizes the skin. Get glowing from head to toe!

Shop: Skin Range

Herbalife skin range is solution-based skin care nutrition that balances ingredients, botanicals, and extracts with proven science for a luxurious experience and healthier-looking skin every day. * Daily Glow Moisturizer, Line Minimizing Serum, Replenishing Night Cream.

Shop: Targeted Nutrition

Targeted Nutrition. Herbalife Targeted Nutrition Our Targeted Nutrition range is designed to target specific areas of your health or provide you with specific nutrients that you feel you might be lacking in your daily lifestyle.

Digestive Health

Digestive Health. Maintaining your gastrointestinal health is important. Our Digestive Health products offer ingredients to support healthy digestion and elimination and help relieve occasional indigestion, helping to ensure your internal system runs smoothly every day.

Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing. Growing older is inevitable but feeling old isn’t. Whether you’re concerned with bone or joint health, memory, eyesight, or facial lines, Herbalife’s Healthy Aging products can help keep you looking and feeling great no matter what your age!

Immune Health

Immune Health. Your immune system protects your health 24 hours a day. Too much stress, a poor diet, or too little sleep can compromise your immune system. Our Immune Health products help support your natural defences year-round.

Shop: Weight Management

Weight Management. Herbalife sells weight loss, weight management, personal care, health, food/dietary, and nutritional supplement products.

The company uses network marketing, also called multi-level marketing, which is a type of marketing plan that uses direct marketing along with franchisers and/or independent contractors to sell its products.

Herbalife’s innovative products are developed by scientists, doctors, and nutritionists with your personal wellness goals in mind.

Protein Solutions

Protein is an essential nutrient that plays a key role in weight management and general health; for weight control, building lean muscle mass, assisting muscle recovery, and contributing to better bone health. Try some of our fabulous Herbalife® protein solutions from the selection below.


Enhancers. Herbalife’s enhancers are designed to help accelerate your weight management goals. Whether you struggle with snacking, energy, fluid retention, or digestion, we have all your bases covered.